**Contest Results**


April 7, 2014 by manvspuzzle


Where’s Patrick?

The results are in!

Before I reveal the correct answer, take a look at these interesting facts:

  • 9 people sent a response; 5 got the answer right.
  • Of the 4 people who submitted incorrect answers, 3 chose puzzle #6.  Sorry folks!  That very nice puzzle was actually constructed by Sherry O. Blackard.  The Q and Z should have tipped you off that someone other than Berry was at work.
  • One person chose #2.  Nope!  That one’s by Dana Motley.  Pretty good guess, but too many words I’d like to see replaced (see next bullet) to be Berry.
  • The instigator of the contest, Tom Pepper, used his own half-baked Berry-detection method to correctly identify Patrick’s puzzle.  Like, without a doubt.  The system works like this: 1) for each puzzle, begin at 0, 2) add one point for every word you’d like to see replaced, 3) add another point for every J, Q, X, and Z, 4) tally the scores.  Low score is Berry every time.  Of the list below, according to Tom, Berry’s puzzle scored a 3, and the next closest puzzles were 9s (Dana’s was one of them).  Wow!


So anyway, the correct puzzle.  It’s #5.  And the winner, randomly chosen from the pool of correct entries?  It’s none other than crossworld superstar Nancy Schuster.  Congrats!

I hope you all had fun.  If another idea like this springs up, we’ll go again.  See below for all the puzzle info, and feel free to comment/discuss.


1. Elizabeth C. Gorski, Friday, 10/5/0110th puzzle 1

2. Dana Motley, Saturday, 4/20/0210th puzzle 2

3. Paula Gamache, Friday, 5/27/0910th puzzle 3

4. Joe DiPietro, Saturday, 11/21/98 10th puzzle 4

5.Patrick Berry, Saturday, 8/3/02 10th puzzle 5

6. Sherry O. Blackard, Friday, 10/24/0310th puzzle 6

7.  Brendan Emmett Quigley, Saturday, 5/15/99 10th puzzle 7

8. Kevin G. Der, Friday, 7/30/10 10th puzzle 8

9.  David Quarfoot, Saturday, 10/7/06 10th puzzle 9

10.  Brad Wilber, Saturday, 12/20/0810th puzzle 10


2 thoughts on “**Contest Results**

  1. tom pepper says:

    Thanks for the contest–it was fun! There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment in creating a half-baked method that will never again be useful to any of us in this world for the rest of our lives.

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