David Woolf’s Tuesday, 3/25/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)


March 25, 2014 by manvspuzzle


Theme: A saying with some examples of instances that illustrate the saying’s veracity.  2 theme answers give the saying, and 2 give these examples.  What a crappy explanation.

Theme Answers:

  • 17A — WIth 57-Across, a die-hard’s statement : IT AINT OVER UNTIL
  • 27A — Hit that proves 17-/57-Across : WALK OFF HOMER
  • 45A — Shot that proves 17-/57-Across : BUZZER BEATER
  • 57A — See 17-Across : THE FAT LADY SINGS


Something Good: Gotta go with the short fill.  There is some weird stuff here (funny how I care *so* much less about it on Tuesday than Monday), but the 3- and 4-letter answers are pretty squeaky.  There are 36 of them — almost half the puzzle.  They’re all fine to better than fine.  Not mind-blowing, but a nice concoction of puzzle paste.  Nothing the average person can’t work with.


3 25 14

You know what I like about Tuesday?  It’s just in your face.  A real punk.  Flicking its cigarette at your chest and headbutting your brother before you finally wrestle it to the ground.

Sure, it pretends to be your friend.  Hangs with its ZAFTIG FLOOZY at the bar and asks if you want to play a round of darts.  Buys you an ALE and a SHISH-KEBAB.  Yells at the band to HIT IT and is generally the life of the party.

But then it starts getting real loose with its use of the word –UNTIL-.  Like it can just reformat a common phrase to suit its own personal needs.  I got news for you: Tuesday *don’t* *care*.  You got a problem with HEURE (29D — 1/24 of un jour)?  Well you can eff off, says Tuesday.  And you’d better not mess with EIGER (67A — Swiss peak in an Eastwood title).  EIGER is Tuesday’s cousin.  You mess with EIGER, you mess with Tuesday.

ARCHLY, ENISLE, and MANOLO?  Tuesday don’t know shit about them, but they’re in uniform and Tuesday thanks them for their service.  This is America.  Tuesday’s *proud* of this country, despite its flaws.  If you don’t like it then take your tree-hugging Obama-smooching ass to Buffalo Wild Wings and leave us patriots alone.

Tuesday, I’m sorry.  I meant no disrespect.  I’m gonna stay.  And I’ll get the next round.  Be cool, Tuesday.  Be cool.

3 thoughts on “David Woolf’s Tuesday, 3/25/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)

  1. Z says:

    Best Tuesday description ever. You expect the punk to have an “I ❤︎ OLEG” tat.

    I do take issue with some of the short fill. OILY, OBIE, OREO, OREM, OLEG is kinda ogly. And until KEBAB gets a single vowel combination constructors need to be especially careful how they cross the vowels. I guessed right on OBIE because I’ve done lots of puzzles, not because I’m familiar with the award.

  2. tom pepper says:

    Fun puzzle. Funny commentary. Both made me smile. SHISHKEBAB, FLOOZY, ZAFTIG, SCRUFF, BUZZERBEATER, JOGGER, WALKOFFHOMER – a lot of nice words in one puzzle. It felt like there were more 6+ letter words than normal, which I like, with only ENISLE and ARCHLY scoring low for me.

    I had JA_ at 25A, saw the word Smucker’s in the clue and just filled in the M. Figured UNmEP was just another name I hadn’t heard of like MANOLO.

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