Brendan Emmett Quigley’s Friday, 3/21/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)


March 21, 2014 by manvspuzzle


Theme: None

Something Good: BETWEEN TWO FERNS.  It’s cool, it’s edgy, and it’s very *now*.  I think it was last week that I first saw this video.  And I think even old republicans might be aware of it, because Bill O’Reilly was pretty hard on it.

3 21 14

Fair enough.  It’s pretty lame to continually say the same thing about a constructor over and over and over.  But I probably will here anyway.  This is a BEQ puzzle.  It’s not his best.  He saves his best stuff for his website (I don’t *know* that he intentionally does that — it’s just what it looks like).  This is a fine puzzle by any standards, though I’d argue a little ho-hum outside of BETWEEN TWO FERNS.  Just good, not mind-blowing.  The 3-letter stuff is pretty meh, but that’s not really his hallmark. BEQ is a long-answer kinda guy.

Difficulty-wise, this one was a little lopsided.  75% of it seemed super easy, but the SE wouldn’t get situated for me.  I finally realized that 56A (___ Mouse) was MINNIE, and not MODEST as I had so cavalierly written in.  MODEST seemed like a Quigleyesque answer, so I kinda blame Brendan for that mistake (note: not really).

What else?  I really imagined for a while that there was a real drink called TEXAS PEE.  I thought it was *possible* for this constructor to get something like that in there.  Don’t get me wrong — TEXAS TEA totally came to mind first, but I had never heard of it drinkwise, so I just…wondered.  By the way, there should be a drink called TEXAS PEE.

SNOWDEN = nice. OH I DUNNO = nice.  DO IT BY THE BOOK = nice.  CRUMHORN = nice.

The more I study this, the better I like it.  Nice little puzzle.

2 thoughts on “Brendan Emmett Quigley’s Friday, 3/21/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)

  1. Finished with an error, embarrassingly — kARYN kUBES. The latter didn’t make sense, but I didn’t think of the C until too late. Also iN KEY, and kRUMHOrN until corrected alter — I just wanted those Ks! Nice puzzle all around.

    Oh, yeah, my mouse of choice was Mighty.

  2. Z says:

    I so much wanted Modest Mouse. Gravity rides everything.

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